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Jesus has LEFT the building... Transition, Transformation, Translation

Matthew 21:12-17

This passage of scripture is one of transition, transformation, and translation… JESUS entered into the temple and began transitioning the temple back to what it was to be… From a “den of thieves” back into its rightful “House of Prayer”.

Transition: Is the process of changing from one state to another

Transformation: A dramatic change in form or appearance

Translation: Process of moving from one place to another

In the scripture, JESUS transitioned, transformed, and translated the church back to a “House of Prayer”. He is a jealous JESUS and HE wanted HIS church back. In our Christian walk, we too are to be transitioned, transformed, and translated through the work of JESUS in our life!

As we are transitioned and embrace the translative process, we need to focus our minds on the things of God. We need leave the mindset of bondage out of our plans… We cannot have yesterday’s mindset in tomorrow’s move of God.

Today we need an extreme sense of maturity and urgency for the things God wants US to MOVE on… We need to be open to NEW ideas and NEW “God thoughts”… We need to get out of the building and reach as many people as we can… with the love of JESUS!

Blessings and Peace!

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