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GOD has a harvest for YOU!

Acts 2:1-17

In this scripture we learn a harvest really has 3 elements:

  1. Timing

  2. Harmony

  3. Placement

In order to reap a harvest you must have these 3 elements working… be it in a field, or in your life! We must realize:

  • It is hard for GOD to manifest Himself in your life if you are not in synch with HIM… Your timing must be in synch with GOD’s timing. HE is an on-time GOD, we need to work and be subject to HIM.

  • HE cannot manifest in your life if you are not in agreement, unity and harmony with GOD. God wants us to operate in HIM with HIM… in all aspects of our lives.

  • HE cannot manifest in your life if you are not in the right place… We must be obedient to HIM and realize HE has a place for us and we must position ourselves as GOD leads.

When we operate in these 3 elements of harvest, we position ourselves to receive a “whole house” blessing… He will work suddenly, touching every aspect of your life.

When the “fullness” of the Holy Spirit comes into our lives… we are in synch with GOD, operating as one with HIM, in a place HE has called us to be!

We all have “harvests” we are waiting for… Word’s of prophesy come with a “it will come to pass” time- stamp in your life… wait and be patient… Your harvest is on the way!

Blessings and Peace!

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