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Exit Strategy… survive… to… THRIVE

2 Kings 4:1-7

This season is one of challenge, reformation, and learning… In the church and in our families. During this season, we must ask:

  1. What did this expose?

  2. What did we learn?

  3. Why did this happen?

We might not have all of the answers immediately… but we do know this… GOD was, is, and will EVER be our HEALER, our PROVIDER, and our ANSWER!

In this season, we are seeing a shift from the things of this world, society, and what we think we are dependent on… This season is shifting to a true dependency on GOD!

As we navigate through this season, we need a clear EXIT strategy: Our EXIT strategy must have the 5 following elements:

1. Remove limitations off of your sons

  • If we limit GOD, HIS oil will not flow!

2. Oil must be turned into substance

  • We must engage ourselves and be a house of substance and value!

3. Get out of bad debt together

  • This is about a lifestyle, not a quick fix

  • Debt makes slaves of sons

  • Debt limits productivity, potential, and capacity

4. We must have a kingdom focus on the distribution of wealth

  • Be bold and willing to infiltrate the marketplace with ideas, concepts, and strategies…

5. We must cover each other and love like family

  • Be willing to help and be a part of a solution… not just a victim of the problem.

God is prospering HIS church. This strategy is not designed to bring fear, but bring us closer together. The church has a strategy… We need one in our family and lives! It is time we change our mentality from “survive” to “THRIVE”!

Blessings and Peace!

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